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That is one cool cat! Even the hiss was like, ya dig brother? You feel me? Cool.

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I don’t think it was a legit hiss, could be wrong. Just an observation.

Source:my cat has a similar temperament towards cruel and bizarre punishment and he kinda does what looks like the same thing except he just opens his mouth for a second or meows; it’s like a “Hey now...” kind of a thing.

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How do you know what your cat's temperament is to cruel and bizarre punishment? Are you witness to it?

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Anything that’s massively annoying to the cat, but doesn’t hurt it, is a cruel and bizarre punishment from the cat’s perspective.

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Like the food bowl only being 70% full.

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Because I have lived with him since for over half my life, like humans, you can develop deep bonds and understanding. When I said, “cruel and bizarre punishment” I was trying to embellish what is actually just teasing! Anyone who’s had cats knows they will leave if they are annoyed enough, or hiss and stand there ground, it’s pretty easy to tell if a feline is truly upset. This cat is free to go, know one is is cornering it or holding it down, so it’s temperament is more tolerable than most cats I have seen. My cat on the other hand will sit there and let my sisters Rottweiler jump all over him and play rough, until he’s has enough then he leaves. As the aforementioned joke goes, this is what I would consider cruel and unusual punishment. And I witness it often yes, it’s amusing. He gets back at me by batting his paw at my eyes to wake me up to shake his food dish and shit so it all evens out.

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Thats alot of cat info for one day. Thanks.

FYI this is comment 123

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"Hey, now, you're a cat-star"

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Get your game on...

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Yeah, we've had one of those too when I was little.

Meanwhile I've never heard my current cat hissing. If he's annoyed he just moves away.

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I think it's threatening to bite kinda, I always call the bluff, and put my hand into my cats mouth, just to demonstrate the scale of the task he's threatening, and he has no idea what to do.

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It wasn’t a hiss.

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hiss has a pull up on the whiskers and ears and a scrunching of nose.

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At the end he was looking at the dog like okay stop it.

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It’s Chance and Sassy from Homeward Bound

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Wasn’t even a hiss. Just a nice meow.

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At least he tried.

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Technique needs work, but scores a 10/10 for good intentions.

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scores a 10/10 for good intentions.

applies to everything a dog does, tbh

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Like Lenny trying to pet a bunny

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Too hard! Too hard!!

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gonna bite

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I think it was the ear nibble that the cat felt needed to be addressed, like, "I can handle the rough pets but don't get stupid bro"

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Too ruff! Too ruff!

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That’s what she said.

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That gentle "hey" from the cat at the end was adorable.

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That was definitely a "Keep going and I'm going to fuck you up" warning meow.

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"Chill the fuck out Rusty, damn!"

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That look down lol... "Yo man, chill".

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"I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him"

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Came for this.

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Came to this.

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That's a very patient cat.

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He’s trying his best

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That was a great episode. Lemongrab reminds me of my brother

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Tell me about the rabbits, George.

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love it!

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Cat, direct eye contact, "that's quite enough doggo, quite enough."

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Hes a little bit confused but he got the spirit

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That cat was in the brink of a rage attack

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He was fine until he tried to slip her some tongue.

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Doggo: human am I doing it right?

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I can't handle how cute dogs are 😆

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The problems of too much CHA and not enough DEX.

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Cat was fine with human doing it. When he noticed dog was trying, he’s like ‘No!’

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The cat's like, bro chillll lol

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No no, we don't try to gnaw on Mini Mr. Wrigglesworth. We just pet him... and love him... Gen-tle... Noooo, we don't bite him. No, not even just a little bit.

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That cat is a good sport

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That cat is patient af

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Ever notice how cats can differentiate stupidity caused by young age and stupidity caused by idiocy?

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Crossing derp territory.

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Is this what they mean by killing them with kindness?

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“ when it’s your first time rubbing her kitty and your a little too rough :/ “

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I will hug, him and pet him, and love him and call him George!

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Most patient cat ive ever seen

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My senior cat "tolerates" my young and energetic pup, with my pup being triple the size of my cat. But if my pup gets a bit too pushy, claws are unsheathed, hissing starts (pup only gets one warning) and then usually I hear a yelp and a scrabbling of claws as my pup goes flying out the room nursing her nose and my cat angrily saunters back to his perch

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Gotta let the dog know he's never to big to get that butt whipped.

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That dog is gonna get punched if it's not careful

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"i gotchu now" "like hell you do"

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Is that a huge cat?

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Now that...is a good cat.

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That’s a big cat!

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"Goddammit Karl! Not so damn hard!"

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"Dude, you're terrible at this!"

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cat turns head: "hey! you bedda watch yo..."

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I like how they cut it off before the cat murdered the dog.

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that cat is adorable!!!

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Cat to the dog: ‘I know we love each other but that’s enough brother from another mother.’

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Good boye tried

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So sweet!

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A for effort!

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BRO, no teeth!

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They get along so well! What respectful little communicators those two are. Animals are so cool.

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“Ok that’s a bit too rough....ok stop. Are you going to do anything about this?! Hey Lenny knock it off!!!”

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There’s a definite you seeing this shit moment

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I swear to God, I can't get over the fact that cats look so damn expressive. Sometimes my cat makes faces or poses in certain ways that makes him look like a little human lol.

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“Seriously... did you JUST stick your TONGUE in my EAR???...WTF???”

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Pup hasn't quite learned that the nice little kitty cat can quickly turn in to a bunch of flying fur and spinning razors, if not properly appeased. LOL

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Where is the HD version with audio that was being re-posted years ago? How did we regress so much?

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Is that cat huge? Never had a cat, but this one is big. Any idea on the breed? Considering getting my kids a cat.

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"I pet kitty...I Pet Kitty..I PET KITTY, BITCH!"

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