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No, Youtube. Stop it. by PassTheBrainBleach in Cringetopia

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It's funny. I walked into the psychiatrist office wearing a blue shirt and beige pants. We were talking and she said "Given what you've described to me, it's likely that you have severe clinical depression."

At that point I felt something ripping at my skin from the inside. My hair instantly began to triple in length. I began to speak solely in suicide jokes. Through my screams of agony I glimpsed something black piercing my flesh. My shirt was shredded into pieces as a black hoodie enveloped me without my consent. My pants burst into flames as they were rapidly overgrown by faded jeans. Sometimes I forget myself and attempt to take the hoodie off, only to be reminded that this hoodie is as much a part of me as my own thoughts as it threatens to take my flesh with it. I've been wearing this black hoodie for years now, constantly. Even in the shower and when I sleep.

The black hoodie doesn't symbolize depression - it's a symptom of it. Depression harkens the demonic black hoodie. It's said that when you're ready to die, it hangs you with its hood strings of its own volition.

Beware the black hoodie and all it represents, for when it shows itself...only God can save you. But if the black hoodie has claimed you, then he has already abandoned you.

EDIT: Recieved gold. I'd like to thank the academy for its great education and my parents for being there with me every step of the way. It's been a long road with several trips to rehab to find myself, but I finally made it with my blood, sweat, and blackmail. This brief moment of happiness will stave off the darkness of the black hoodie long enough for me to attempt to contact the Vatican, because if I can't save myself and it's up to God to rescue me, then I just want to be touched inappropriately one last time.

EDIT #2: I have now recieved a second gold. This is the greatest reward I have ever recieved, because now I can be incredibly ungrateful by chastising someone for liking my post enough to reward me for it, then tell them to donate it to a charity instead. That way I get a reward and get to feel self-righteous with no gratitude being shown to a person who enjoyed my post. Win-win.

For all my car people out there, sorry you had to see this post I found on r/honda by robertbreadford in Cringetopia

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The cringe is these Honda’s sound like a shaken can of metal balls for exhaust and he’s comparing it to a snarling tiger sound of the amg, and also it looks nothing like an amg lol

Let’s get this sub back to its roots by psypher98 in Cringetopia

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Came here to say this. Also would not be surprised if he shows up in this thread.

Let’s get this sub back to its roots by psypher98 in Cringetopia

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I'm a network engineer and software developer with a background in enterprise security. To answer your question.

Let’s get this sub back to its roots by psypher98 in Cringetopia

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Doubtful. This is Nill hes actually a really cool developer that brings up very relevant bullshit tech companies do.

Hes very much aware that people hate on him but still get posted here every other week. He had addressed this pic a ton of times but I can only see 2 references now.

Utah keeping it real yo. Sorry for the bad pic quality by PvtJepperson in Cringetopia

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Yo wassup fellow cringetopians. Today on this epic episode of AlphaPrinceND pins his totally pointless comment again like the rad mod he is, we’re gonna get a bunch of gnarly comments to respond to. Let’s get yeezy kids Unironic dab

Gross by NickDaShittt in Cringetopia

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"You are what you eat" so vegans eat babies?

Cuck level is in outer space. by PooKy2spooKy in Cringetopia

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tbf any party fanatic is pretty mindless, regardless of which party it is

which is also why this picture is extremely cringe

e: oh dear god, what have I started

Gross by NickDaShittt in Cringetopia

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Real pussy smells like the heat coming out the back of a PS4.

someone really spent $115 usd on a useless award by r3duced2ash in Cringetopia

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I want to be so financially stable that I want to blow cash like that and not have to worry about it

Edit: Nice, way to flex on me lol

Gross by NickDaShittt in Cringetopia

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So if I turn vegan, diamonds will queef out my pussy?

Gross by NickDaShittt in Cringetopia

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Um pretty sure that’s not how any of this works lmao

No, just no by Jad_Sh in Cringetopia

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Videogames are the stupidest, most useless, and childish addiction anyone could have. They'll spend hours building up some meaningless skill like moving the mouse really quickly, soaking in their filth, inhaling garbage and avoiding exercise and any social interaction other than screaming at a TV screen while their bodies turn into jabba the hutt caked in dorito dust and excrement.
It's truly fucked up how manchildren can spend thousands of hours playing as an imaginary character, becoming disgusting insociable and useless blobs of flesh, yet they're so mentally weak that they can be manipulated by these dumb games with their flashing lights and two-bit sounds to make them feel like they're accomplishing something real.
Even stupider is the "streamer" culture, where pathetic mediocre males will actually pay to watch other pathetic males playing some repetitive flashing image they're not even interacting with. Oh and don't even get me started on the men who pay to treat female streamers like they're nothing more than sex objects who happen to share their putrid hobby, it's basically prostitution with a nicer name.
Like what does playing video games even get you, other than bedsores? Are you stronger, more social, more healthy, smarter, or at all more useful to society? No, you're not, you're just some friendless loser banging on a keyboard so that a computer program can tell you how amazing you are. Your entire life can be wiped out by your mother coming into your basement and deleting your gamer account because that thing you valued so much is just a bunch of bits on a screen.
When you die, the only thing left of you will be that dumbass useless account, which everyone will forget about within minutes. Do you actually expect your family to put the number of punches you threw and tokens you collected to be put on your tombstone? They won't, because that would be the only thing more pathetic than your meaningless "gamer" life.

This could legit get someone killed by DontTouchYourKnob in Cringetopia

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So long as it's at the end of the bucket list, I see no issue.