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Apple CEO becomes chairman of China university board by fatuous_uvula in apple

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Wow, this title is potentially misleading. Few things to make note of via Macrumors.

via https://www.macrumors.com/2019/10/21/tim-cook-chairman-tsinghua-university-sem/

Tim Cook is now the chairman of the advisory board of the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM)

Cook has been a member of the Beijing-based university's advisory board since October of 2013.

Tsinghua SEM is considered one of the top schools in China, and other advisory board members include General Motors CEO Mary Barra, Dell CEO Michael Dell, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, Pepsi CEO Ramon Laguarta, Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and more.

I am no fan of China's political and global policy and influence but this does not seem to be some grand betrayal. Meaning no offense to others on this thread but am I missing something? Poor timing perhaps.

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Apple CEO becomes chairman of China university board by fatuous_uvula in apple

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People should have never looked to Apple for moral leadership in the first place. Apple shouldn't have embraced it either.

macOS Catalina Quick Tour by Bemuzed in apple

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Music - don’t use it. TV - don’t use it. Podcasts - don’t use it. Find My - don’t use it. Sidecar - don’t own an iPad. Arcade - don’t play games. Sign in - already use a password manager. Screen Time - don’t use it. Photos - decent update, but don’t use it. Notes - use this all the time; minor update. Reminders - was most excited about this, but like the old version better. Safari - took away uBlock Origin

Apple's Mobile Phone Market Demand Increases By 230% In China, Thanks To iPhone 11 Cheap Price by wait4it2come in apple

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Maybe, just maybe, we could hold companies to higher standards other than maximizing shareholder wealth?? Maximizing value got us Walmart workers on welfare, climate change denial, the opioid crisis, factory farms, the 2008 recession, the entire healthcare industry, I can keep going.

I’m so tired of people saying that shareholder value is paramount and thus any effort to impose a modicum of ethical responsibility is irrational. Fuck out of here with that nonsense. We’re destroying the world to maximize value, and falling back on that argument is just giving companies the green light to further pillage our resources and abandon our fellow human beings - it’s dangerous and cruel.

Apple engineer explains the Security Code AutoFill feature - 9to5Mac by byaruhaf in apple

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Really annoyed at the Android warriors showing up to harass this person. Nevermind that the implementation is completely different, but this is an actual engineer who did real work on one of these platforms.

Save the juvenile internet fights for reddit.

Dark Mode vs. Light Mode Battery Test on iPhone by JBeylovesyou in apple

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finishing results for anyone who is too lazy to watch the video

Edit* /u/FunkrusherPlus has point out in the comment that:

“I'm too lazy to watch the video but I must also add to my fellow lazy non-video-watchers that this ONLY works for phones with OLED screens. This principle also applies to other devices that use OLED screens such as TVs, tablets, watches, etc... Simply put, less energy is used if a pixel is not on.”

Apple's Mobile Phone Market Demand Increases By 230% In China, Thanks To iPhone 11 Cheap Price by wait4it2come in apple

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The role of a public company is to maximize shareholder wealth. You clearly don't understand how companies work. If he pulled out of China without an alternative production plan in place and caused billions of dollars of losses for Apple all for ethics, he would be fired and replaced with someone who would act in the best interest of its shareholders.

But hey, easy to have courage when you're not in charge of a trillion dollar company with responsibilities to shareholders ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Editorial: Mac Pro puts the pedal to Metal in Apple's race with Nvidia by chrisdh79 in apple

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Metal will continue to be ignored for anything but mobile games.

No. It’s clear that Metal is already much more than ”just for mobile games” - it won’t replace CUDA everywhere in the market. But it doesn’t have to as this isn’t an either/or situation. For many end users with a Mac, Metal has already replaced CUDA on macOS (with great performance benefit) in common pro apps like the Adobe Suite, DaVinci Resolve, Fusion 360, and others.

For many other apps being written for Mac and iOS, it offers easy cross-platform compatibility and capability in an ecosystem where users are more than willing to pay for quality apps that span multiple form factors. (Serif Labs' Affinity Photo / Designer / Publisher, for example, runs great on mac and iPad).

If it was “just for mobile games” or “a total joke” as Reddit keeps referring to it as, We wouldn’t have the following companies, software suites, or libraries become compatible with Metal for End Users (some in development, others already out):

  • BlackMagic
  • Serif Labs
  • Autodesk
  • Avid
  • SideFX
  • RED
  • Epic / Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • Pixar
  • Foundry
  • Maxon
  • Otoy
  • Redshift
  • TensorFlow Lite (Google) 2
  • IBM Watson 2
  • Turi 2
  • Onnx 2
  • Yandex Catboost 2
  • XGboost 2
  • Keras 2
  • Caffe 2
  • Libsvm 2
  • SciKit Learn 2
  • mxnet 2

2: these are supported ML libraries that Metal can read from. This allows for using these nets to do inference for an end user*. It needs to be clear that ML Training to create the nets is done in the cloud / on large clusters, with Nvidia Cards using CUDA.

If you're reading this list and thinking "this sounds too good to be true", then it's time to wake up. Reddit commenters have continually dismissed Metal as a Graphics API that’s only good for mobile gaming. That may have been true upon its introduction, but it's been several years now and Metal has grown far beyond that, adding support for multi-GPU, Machine Learning, and much much more. We are seeing all that work pay off now, because people are starting to use Metal more widely.

Top tier software companies have already jumped on board. Many of which used to exclusively support CUDA (for end users) now also support Metal. Will Metal replace CUDA? NO, because CUDA is really entrenched in many other areas - like servers, datacenters, clusters, R&D, education, and more. there are so many things written for it. However, Metal doesn't have to replace CUDA in those places, in order to be a win for Apple -- it just needs to be offered alongside CUDA for end users and that's what we see is happening.

Apple has created a market where there are a ton of devices that support Metal, and software developers are now responding. Offering Metal support alongside CUDA means that users on macOS and iOS will benefit from the performance offered by GPGPU compute. It means that models can be trained on a Mac, and then written into macOS and iOS apps, where they will run very well.

do they know how many companies are running fleets of hackintoshes?

I’m sure they do, but it's besides the point. Many pros also left macOS for Windows. But some are planning to come back, now that the mac is undergoing a software revolution.

do they think render and AI farms are going to rack up hundreds of Mac pros?

While they will be offering a rack mount chassis for the upcoming Mac Pro, most render farms use Linux, for a variety of reasons... And most will continue to do so. But some may switch to macOS workstations that interface with said render farms.

after the past 8 years?

It’s no secret they deeply fucked up when it came to ignoring professionals when the iPhone made up 70% of their profits... but they’ve largely apologized, and come around to actually start fixing those problems.

Their continued focus on pushing and developing Metal beyond V1.0, into things like Machine learning, and multi-GPU compute (with Metal 2), and working closely with the companies listed above signals a clear change in their attitude and strategy... One that’s paying huge dividends - software running Metal gets nice performance gains, and a lot of developers have jumped onboard because Apple has made something nice that allows their tools to run better than ever before, while also creating a marketplace where those tools can be sold.

Maxon noted their Metal performance was ~20% ahead of the CUDA versions on the latest Quadro cards. That's just one data point, but if Apple is easier to work with than Nvidia (Seriously, Nvidia is a pain in the ass to work with), and offers a more performant solution with a large install base of paying customers, why wouldn't you as a software company reconsider supporting CUDA exclusively.

Instead it seems that going forward most apps will support Metal and CUDA, double dipping into both markets. Having options isn’t a bad thing here.

Edit: I need to make it clear that I’m talking about Metal vs CUDA in the end user space. CUDA is incredibly entrenched in datacenters, server farms, on Linux, other areas like R&D, Edu, and Large Compute Clusters.

Metal lets you forgo CUDA in workstations (like the Mac Pro), desktops, laptops, iOS devices, etc. And brings some good GPGPU capabilities to the end user. that’s good for the user as it eliminates Nvidia’s Lock-in for GPGPU compute in certain applications, where GPU acceleration is of benefit to the end user.

Thinking of leaving Android + Windows by kjdion84 in apple

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This. I used to tout the ol “Apple cares about your privacy” line all the time too in the past few years but I’m done. Apple’s actions speak louder than marketing words and I’m convinced their privacy is just as garbage as all the other tech giants. It’s just that they position themselves as the privacy minded corporation because they know their services and AI and ML can’t match Google’s. I still think Apple makes the best phones and tablets (macOS and macs are starting to slip) but I’d say just forget about privacy if you’re using any of these companies. Use whatever you think is best and forget about privacy.

Anandtech iPhone 11/Pro/Max and A13 Bionic Review by bosoxs202 in apple

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The S10's are just a bit behind in battery. Their screens I find to be better due to the higher resolution, not to mention vastly better ergonomics. The S10 destroyed the XS in camera, and the i11 is still behind in wide angle quality by a lot. The S11 will likely leap the i11 in camera, and the i12 will hopefully jump ahead that one next year.

IP rating is lol to bring up, they'll both equal unless you go diving with your new 11.

Please don't bullshit around with fanboy rhetoric, it smells from a mile away.

iOS 13.1.3 is the latest software update from Apple to fix iPhone and iPad bugs by dan945 in apple

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Tap and hold on the spacebar then swipe around, and it allows you to move the cursor without your finger covering the text.

Things 3, 30% discount by popekey in apple

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I use Things 3 every single day for years now, and manage my whole private and professional life with it. Its asking price is very small compared to the value this piece of software gave me back in quality of life. No other software did this before, and I've used many of them. This software gets the details right, and it is where most other software products fall down.

The iPad app has a separate price, because Things 3 on iPad is a real iPad app. It has excellent keyboard controls and isn't just a scaled up iPhone app, which many of its competitors are. This is what you get when you don't charge extra for your iPad app. And if you don't need the iPad app, then don't pay for it. The same applies to the macOS version, which I use the most, and is perfectly integrated into macOS, not just a blown-up iPhone app or Electron web-app.

They will most likely introduce subscription pricing for Things 4 (I would pay for it), and then so many people will complain... now people complain because they don't have subscription pricing and just ask for a honest one-time fee for the price of one or two meals. I don't understand this. Software development is not easy or cheap, I'm a software developer myself for 20 years now. This software is too cheap, not too expensive IMHO. If you don't need its features, and just have simple tasks to manage, you can as easily just use Apple Reminders.

How safe is Apple’s Safe Browsing? by lol-no-monads in apple

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Not an expert, but there are provably ways to link an IP to a person’s identity

Edit: Wasn’t expecting to get gilded for a single sentence post with a silly typo in it. Thanks!

This isn't the first time Apple has acted hypocritically to their stated social views by JJGordo in apple

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Apple isn’t a man, it’s a publicly traded company.

What is the solution to these situations? What should Apple have done or do differently? And do you know the consequences of these actions? Without considering that, you’ve nothing to say here.

Apple has to abide by local laws. Apple can’t break laws even if it’s against their corporate stance.

Pulling out of every country that has laws you don’t agree with would leave very little of the world to do business in.

Apple is an American company, it pushes for human rights and green energy because the executives and shareholders believe it’s part of the company ethos. Apple has power in America, and can use the democratic structure to have a voice in policy.

These issues are much more complex than modern cancel culture allows. Not liking a situation isn’t enough. Posting on reddit and complaining isn’t enough. Even boycotting American companies at the expense of American commerce does nothing.

The only thing you can do is use the avenues available to make your voice heard. Push for reform on global standards. Push for change in China. But don’t expect a private corporation to fight those battles for you.

In the end, the things happening in countries like Russia and China are terrible, and should be ridiculed. But they are not American problems. There are more than enough issues in the US that need handled before we start trying to be global heroes.

Apple must reduce its reliance on China, and has been slowly. It will take time, but I’m the next decade we might see a more globally spread Apple, with little to no China. But these things must happen at the correct pace. Risking the company on ideals helps no one and ends up making the situation worse for everyone.

Apple Arcade is going to usher in a new golden age of mobile gaming by PirateSpokesman in apple

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A lot of people really have to temper their expectations for Apple Arcade. I’ve seen many people complaint that there aren’t any big triple A titles on the service and that most games are limited in scope. You have to be totally out of your gourd if you think a triple A dev is going to develop a game for mobile. It would sell like a wet fart. Most people would never pay more than $10 for a phone app. Most people interested in triple A games already have some sort of console or PC to play them on and would much rather play them on that instead of a phone or tablet. There just isn’t enough of an audience wiling to pay triple A prices on mobile for they to even be possible.

I think that there is a ton of potential in Apple Arcade as long as you keep in mind that it’s not made to produce big titles. Sure, I’m not going to sit down with my phone after a long day of work and put a few hours into an Apple Arcade game, but they are great for just wasting time for a little while here and there. I haven’t played a mobile game in a long time because they are either a bit more than I’d pay for or they are riddled with ads and iaps. I’m actually enjoying mobile games now. There are some really solid offerings out there. Tangle Tower, Mini Motorways, Sneaky Sasquatch, EarthNight, Shantae, and What the Golf are games I’d pay $5 for all on their own. As long as more games like that keep coming than keeping the service around is a no-brainer.