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Kitchen satisfaction by MrLorente in oddlysatisfying

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It's not that they're missing a proton as that implies that the nucleus missing a proton. It's that they're oversaturated with electrons. Because of that, they're extra-willing to steal hydrogen.

Basically though, acids and bases are just really ionic solutions, and they like to react with alot of things to produce more stable things like salts and water.

Erasable pens have come a long way... no eraser mess! by TinaGranito in oddlysatisfying

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The Frixion pens are some of my favorites. It's why I demo them so often. When we first started selling them, I was describing them to my sister. She came to visit one day, and despite the fact that she had a sleeping infant in the car, she and her husband came into my store with the baby because she's like "em, I need some of those magic pens."

I also really like the Uniball BLX pens (both rollerball (I think Jetstreams) and gel (most likely Signo 207) style), not so much because of the way they write, but because of how lovely the color is. They're black ink infused with color, and they write with a deep rich vibrant color. The red one is closer to burgundy, the blue one a midnight blue instead of bright blue, etc. There's also a green, a purple, and I believe the rollerball package has a gold. They look wonderful on paper

If you're looking for a specific type of pen, and don't want anything fancy (I honestly don't know much about fine pens, all of ours are locked up, no demos), my preferences are:

  • Gel pens - Pilot G2 and Uniball Signo 207's. They write nicely, they're inexpensive.
  • Rollerball - Uniball Jetstream. Again they write nicely.
  • Ballpoint - Papermate Inkjoy. I hated writing with pens when I was in middle school and high school. Mostly what we had at the time were ballpoints. Gel pens were becomig popular when I was in high school, but not for everyday writing (they were light and metalic colors that wrote on black paper). So after writing an essay my hand would be cramping. The advanced ink that the Inkjoy's use make it take longer for that to happen, I don't know why.
  • Felt tip - Papermate Flair. Sharpie tried, but Flair is better.
  • Metalics - We only have Uniball Signo 207's. I also like Sharpie's metallic line, but you have to remember to store the Sharpie's tip down (whatever makes it metallic is heavier than the fluid it's suspended in, so they don't write well if the tip is stored up), and because they're fine tips (as opposed to ultra fine) they don't last long for legible writing. Great to use on dark colored things, though.

I work in the print center, so I'm using pens much more often than many of my coworkers. The ones that tend to be in my pocket all day are a couple colorful Frixion pens, a plain black Sharpie, and either a G2 or a 207. The Frixion ones get the most use, but I'm hesitant to let customers use them because they tend to disappear. The customer's get the G2 or 207. If I left my Frixion ones at home I go for any colorful pen (pink, purple, teal, etc), to make the writing pop on job tickets.

Erasable pens have come a long way... no eraser mess! by TinaGranito in oddlysatisfying

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Hahahahaha, man....never failed to make me feel artistic. Now I just feel autistic.

Brazilians cleaning spilled oil from the beach by likklesign in oddlysatisfying

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There's a lot of them, sure, but I dunno if there's brazilians of them

Leather axe handle by fireflylibrarian in oddlysatisfying

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Anybody else want one of those axes now and not even know why?

Edit: thank you stranger!

Brazilians cleaning spilled oil from the beach by likklesign in oddlysatisfying

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Pratchett is still making me learn things. 66 is too young to go. :(

Applying this mask. by Church-Grim in oddlysatisfying

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I did that in Shenzhen. Paid something like 2 Euros for a screen protector for my iPhone 5s back then, including labor.

The girl in the shop applied the screen protector absolutely perfectly with no bubbles or poor alignment.

Japanese pancakes by supremegalacticgodSynchronizedRain in oddlysatisfying

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Give us the recipe then you cock tease

The way the shirt is caught, and then just slides on ..... by chuckd25 in oddlysatisfying

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This is why people vote for Drumph. There's a sucker born every minute. It's obviously reversed.

Professional onion cutting skills by supremegalacticgodSynchronizedRain in oddlysatisfying

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That shit sums up so many of these type of fucking videos on Youtube these days.

I like the popular 'cooking' channels and here comes a guy with his $2,000 All-Clad stainless set in his massive $300,000 kitchen and some fucking knives that were made by a viking on a mountaintop forged out of meteorite, and that's before they even start pulling out all these fucking weird-ass ingredients that aren't in any normal grocery store, and weird accessories that most people don't have.

"For this next step, just sprinkle some dried Brazilian Pale Forest Mushrooms. If you can't find those, don't worry, you can substitute those with Tasahakiiki mushrooms instead, just make sure they were harvested at midnight under a full moon and you use them within six hours."

Realistically painting hair by AmOdd in oddlysatisfying

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I don't think he has it listed on his website. But here's other paintings from the same artist: http://www.marcograssipainter.com/gallery-2/

Edit: Thank you for the Gold king stranger! However, I feel bad, since I basically took /u/ParrishT13 's comment, and just added a direct link to the Artist's gallery. https://reddit.unblocked-proxy.xyz/r/oddlysatisfying/comments/dj7fs5/realistically_painting_hair/f43fifu/