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I don't think we should be allowing subs that support bullying to appear on this list.

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its okay, the goose in untitled goose game was born that way.

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if you mean r/awfuleverything, shut up

if you meant r/catslaps, ok

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No, it's a legitimate problem in /r/awfuleverything.

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personally i havent seen any "bullying" on there but ok

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I literally mod the sub.

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i said i personally havent seen any, so i guess youre doing a good job?

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Then do something about it instead of bitching about it here, idiot

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    Yikes. I must be fun at parties

    Jill yourself

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    Oh my god grow some thicker skin fucking trash

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    oh hell yes, goose game thank you admins, very cool.

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    The subs are picked obviously

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    As "obvious" as the earth being flat.

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    " If the Earth were truly a globe then the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions and areas of comparable latitude North and South of the equator should share similar conditions and characteristics such as comparable temperatures .A proof then of its immobility is virtually a proof of its non-rotundity .Why do you believe the Earth is round? Because you saw a picture once? ..When people mature emotionally they will grow out of their present way of thinking and eventually come around to a flat earth view .

    Dr Madeline Scott Ph.D. - Flat Earth Scientist. Professor Extraordinarius at Fortuna University of Dowsing