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bro jogan by corgi_sloot in videos

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Listen here u/my_trisomy, I was on 43rd and 7th street in North Bergen Jersey 1983, it was a quarter past 11 and I had to go do a pick up for Two-Time-Tommy. Let me tell you something Joe Rogan, that guy did not fuck around. If he caught any cocksucka that werent from around town and they were dealing in his area, he'd do a line of coke off Tammy the Tramps monkey and go stab the fuckin guy Joe Rogan. phlem coughs

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Why are Restaurant Burritos Better than Homemade? by Vladimir-Putin in videos

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Can we get some appreciation for how fucking well edited this video is. It's one of the leanest instructional videos I've ever seen on youtube. He opens with the question and IMMEDIATELY starts answering it.

I now totally understand how I can improve my burritos (according to him). I also know how each step is improving them. And because filling suggestions weren't really relevant to the video, he just chucked it up and directed viewers to screenshot it if needed. "Good luck out there", cut to black and plug text. Job done. No fucking like this, sub that, put this bell in your mouth and start sucking.

It took me longer to write this than it did to watch that video. And this comment is of no use to anyone!!!

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Why are Restaurant Burritos Better than Homemade? by Vladimir-Putin in videos

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Aight! I work at a burrito place and have been there for four years. He makes good points that most people overlook. (From most important to least)

  1. Heating the tortilla. It is a must. You don't need butter, like toast for grilled cheese. Just make it warm. For some stupid reason, people don't get this concept! It doesn't matter if you get a cheap brand like "Mission". If you heat it up. It will be elastic.

  2. The rolling. This guy abridges the process. It's not as easy when you have a lot of items in there. (e.g. packing the items on your side of the tortilla before rolling, put the left and right sides inwards 25% to the middle) Watch some tutorials online and practice with only lettuce inside the tortilla. Roll as much as you can fit in there because that will make it easier on you in the future.

  3. Foil. He explains it perfectly. You don't really need it but it will make it go from tasting good to great. Not only does it steam the tortilla, it puts pressure all around the burrito so the inside is more compact throughout. That's why we don't grill it after it is rolled.

  4. Tortilla size. Like I said before, if it's heated, the tortilla is gonna roll better. Our iconic burritos use 12'' tortillas. When we run out, we run out. Our juniors use 10''. Most supermarkets don't sell 12'' tortillas like the ones we use. They sell 10''. It's fine. Just go as big as you can and make it work. Mission is just... ok. Not the best, but it'll do the job. We've used them before.

  5. Make it tight. The tighter it is, the less likely it will fall out.

  6. Don't freak out if it doesn't work your first, second, fifth, and twelfth time. He doesn't say that you're gonna suck at it. I sucked at it... and I had a line full of people watching me. It took time. Practice with lettuce.

All-in-all: 8.7/10. Best tutorial I've seen online, though.

Edit: You guys are making good points on mission tortillas. They worked for me in tough situations when we were under stocked. But they aren't good tortillas. If you have options, go with higher quality torts!

Why are Restaurant Burritos Better than Homemade? by Vladimir-Putin in videos

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I only read Steps 5 and 6, and now I know how to have great sex

Why are Restaurant Burritos Better than Homemade? by Vladimir-Putin in videos

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It also helps that those who fail at doing it correctly get taken out by the chupacabra.

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bro jogan by corgi_sloot in videos

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Yeah, that's kind of actually the problem; you get a sermon, not an interview. No critical analysis occurs against what the guest is speaking about, they're left to spout whatever nonsense they believe in.

Joe Rogan himself buys into all kinds of fringe and unscientific theories, refusing to apply any actual rigor to determine a theory's predictability.

It's a horrible example to set for a lot of men who go out into the world completely unequipped to understand things as they happen to them.

Believe in yourself by Lucky-sponges in videos

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There was one I would see for a bit, I believe it's u/guywithrealfacts that would start off sounding 100% believable and turn into some kind of crazy nonsense explanation of something. They aren't all bad

The exact moment girl dancing for her Instagram decides she has to move out. This channel was asking for "miserable" moments recently caught on camera so I sent this one of a friend. by TwitchDanmark in videos

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It's a shame that this female has no man to protect her in this dire situation. If i were there, i wouldn't hesitate for a second. I would unsheath my katana (which i am always equipped with in case of situations like this) and slice this wild creature up into 19 pieces. Then i would ask the female if she is okay, and escort her to a safe location. She will offer me sex, but i will refuse, as i explain to her that i am just doing my duty as a nobleman. She tries to thank me again, but i have already disappeared off into the night.

bro jogan by corgi_sloot in videos

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Blue cheese or go fuck ya mother

30 Rock was the best by Jorogasm in videos

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Ayyyyy finally relevant

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Guy goes to a small town in Bolivia - Doesn't realize locals are warning him that "people burn people alive there" until someone translates it in YouTube comments by GuyInThe6kDollarSuit in videos

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Man people in this thread are so ridiculous, classic reddit in that you're either Jesus or Hitler with no inbetween. The same people that will either condemn someone on actions dug up from decades ago or absolve another based on a whim. You are technically allowed to disagree with people's outlooks or actions whilst still seeing the positive aspects or (shocking I know) just enjoying the content for what it is.

I suggest people look at this video, in which a person shows the positive changes made by Bald's fund raising to a refugee camp of 100+ people. Or the fact his video of 'poverty porn' in Moldova's capital caught traction resulting in the government renovating a good few of the areas he's shown in this video (see top comments).

Bald is clearly a pretty overconfident person which can come off as abrasive especially to people who don't understand British banter, but I've rarely seen him be actively disrespectful.

And if nothing else it's pretty unique content, I've not seen anyone else be able to instantly ingratiate with homeless Moldovans, drinking, dancing with or buying shopping for various babushkas, staying with chechnyan's whilst hitching across Chechnya and Dagestan or trusting a young kid in a gypsy slum with his camera to go and film some content. Most of this wouldn't be possible without being ballsy.

So I’m a maintanence man who yesterday went to a service call where this 10y/o filmed me for an hour. I asked what was up and he told me all about his YouTube channel with 16 subscribers. Today he published the video he filmed yesterday. Thought I’d share it with ya! by Ha1lStorm in videos

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It's so sad that there's millions of children across the globe in the same situation. Measuring their lives in content and followers, raised as a helpless commodity, what ever will become of this new generation of absolute despair.

Toddler swing analysis at the Houston Open by Xx_KOZMOS_xX in videos

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Mate, you could punt a toddler and they'd get up no bother. Meanwhile, I sprained my back getting up from the sofa at a slightly unusual angle.