9/21/2019 by Leaxe in videos

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Happy belated birthday buddy 😊

Colin McRae Pedal Cam by im_under_your_covers in videos

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Sequential transmissions use dog clutches without synchromesh, so you can change gears without clutching but they will wear significantly faster.

Raise your glasses by Master1718 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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The argument was that lower guys didn't agree with the crimes, not that they didn't commit them.

Quick D: Gyro Drop by tea6man9 in videos

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Smarter Every Day is timestamped, it's worth watching the whole thing though.

The most original juggling act I've ever seen by ummyaaaa in videos

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I'm pretty sure all the drops once the music starts were not intentional.

In awe of his power by cheezemen in HydroHomies

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-emia meaning presence in blood

Body cam footage of the shooting of Ronald Davis by C4r1b0u in videos

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Maybe misleading, but still accurate. Plus, the article is from before the video was released.

Haywyre piano improve is simply amazing. by anengim5582 in electronicmusic

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Yeah you better come, last time he was here it was awesome

9/21/2019 by Leaxe in videos

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Hey, fellow juggler

9/21/2019 by Leaxe in videos

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Yeah, I didn't even make the video. Pool the money together and think of all the sept 21 shirts it could buy...

9/21/2019 by Leaxe in videos

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I mean, ever since July sixth world it's been downhill.

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Hey, that's pretty neat.

9/21/2019 by Leaxe in videos

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That's adorable, thank you

9/21/2019 by Leaxe in videos

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He's such a good dancer

Ryan was a hero, I just...couldn't see it by cratera666 in raimimemes

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I don't think questions that ask about morals are ever shallow. I agree, I would never consider showing my child adult content until I feel like they can comprehend it properly, but can't you imagine the possibility that a child COULD for some reason grasp the reality at a young age, and benefit from seeing such content? It seems closed minded to dismiss a question like that.

This is how a baby Giraffe is weighed by mossberg91 in Awwducational

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"This is how a baby giraffe is weighed" implies that it is the standard way to do it. One picture doesn't verify that.

Visited the real (and very sad) Starcourt Mall today! by Ham_PhD in StrangerThings

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I don't disagree with that, I'm just trying to clarify what was relevant in the article to the original comment.